May 2008 Archives

Coming on the heels of Rev. Michael Pfleger controversial sermon there–in which he bashed Hillary Clinton for expecting to win the Democratic nomination out of a sense of white entitlement–it would be easy to take Barack Obama’s resignation from Trinity […]

Barack Obama has resigned from Trinity UCC, which played a central role in so many milestone events of Obama’s life: his coming to Christianity, his start as a community organizer–and, by extension, a politician–his ability to finally identify comfortably as […]

The lead from today’s Wall Street Journal story says it all: As the general election approaches, a contentious battle for the Democratic nomination continues right up to the convention between the two remaining candidates. The Republican contender is a military […]

Like the Chicago Tribune editorial says this morning, After everything that happened with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, how on earth does a priest, or any religious leader, take the pulpit and behave as Michael Pfleger did? If you haven’t yet, watch […]

Two weeks after the California Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, The New York Times reports that New York State will begin recognizing gay marriages from California, Massachusetts, and other countries. And because California, unlike Massachusetts, lacks a law preventing gay […]

When John McCain threw pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley overboard last week, God-o-Meter was struck that both pastors issued statements absent of any ill will toward the presidential candidate. Pretty gracious, thought GOM–would the broader Christian Right be so […]

Though he lost Catholics overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton in the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries, a new AP analysis shows that Barack Obama would more or less split Catholics with John McCain in a general election matchup. Significant blocs of voters […]

Yes, he upset the Christian Right by throwing John Hagee and Rod Parsley overboard. And by staying quiet on the California Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. And by entertaining the possibility of Charlie Crist as his running mate. And […]

Marc Ambinder says the Christian Right’s fears about John McCain picking Charlie Crist as a running mate are misplaced. What the movement really ought to worry about, Ambinder says, is McCain picking pro-choice former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge: I don’t […]

Like God-o-Meter said last week, one of the potential running mates who John McCain invited to his Arizona ranch over the weekend is not like the others. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney both have major support among Christian […]