Like the Chicago Tribune editorial says this morning,

After everything that happened with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, how on earth does a priest, or any religious leader, take the pulpit and behave as Michael Pfleger did?

If you haven’t yet, watch Rev. Pfleger’s pulpit remarks from last Sunday about Hillary Clinton’s tears over her “white entitlement” dreams being shattered by Barack Obama–delivered at Obama’s Chicago Church–here:The conservative Catholic League has issued a statement attacking Pfleger. No surprise there. The Cardinal who leads Chicago’s archdiocese says Pfleger has agreed to stay ot of the political fray for the remainder of the presidential campaign. That Catholic Church did Obama a favor there.From here on out, God-o-Meter guesses that politicians will highlight their personal faith and how it informs their lives and positions without drawing lots of attention to their pastor and their church, as Obama did (at least before he launched his presidential campaign). George W. Bush is the modern master of religious outreach and messaging, but does anyone know who his pastor is? Or what church he attends?8

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