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Shortly after God-o-Meter finished its post about how well John McCain’s endorsements from the socially liberal Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger would go over with the GOP’s Christian Right base, it got an email trumpeting John Danforth’s endorsement of the […]

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove echoes what God-o-Meter has been saying since Iowa: Mike Huckabee’s hefty evangelical support ain’t strong enough to carry him to the nomination. Here’s what Rove says about some of the “old rules” […]

McCain’s endorsements from Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger may win him more moderate Republicans and Independents (was McCain really suffering in that department?) but they’re sure to turn off to the Religious Right, which had recently shown signs of warming […]

David Brody’s right. If it weren’t for Huckabee denying him a decent share of the evangelical vote, Romney would probably be the GOP frontrunner: Huckabee caught fire in Iowa and took crucial votes away from Romney. It left Romney with […]

Hillary Clinton spoke today to the National Baptist Convention of America , a meeting of the country’s four largest black Baptist denominations, and emailed her speech to religious supporters. A few excerpts are below. And be sure to keep reading […]

John Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race today.On CNN, Jessica Yellin is reporting that Edwards phoned Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama yesterday to urge them to make fighting poverty, his signature issue, and important part of their campaigns. […]

God-o-Meter just got this memo on John McCain’s Catholic support in Florida from John Rankin, communications director for Sam Brownback’s presidential campaign, who’s been helping McCain with outreach to religious conservatives: McCain Wins Florida Catholic Vote by Ten Points Wins […]

Pro-Lifers are the bedrock of the GOP. They were the activist base that turned George W. Bush’s razor sharp 2000 win into a clear victory in 2004. John McCain won Florida’s Republican primary tonight but got just one quarter of […]

CNN just called Florida for John McCain, but something else is also clear now: Huck’s commanding lead among evangelicals, which carried him to victory in Iowa less than one month ago–has evaporated. According to exit polls, four in ten Floridians […]

The first three graphs from Bible Belt Blogger say it all: ORLANDO, Fla. — A televangelist under investigation by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee turned a national ministers’ gathering last week into a fundraising opportunity for Mike Huckabee, reportedly helping […]