Dragon Quest X, the newest sequel in the long-running RPG series, is going to be an online game.  Unlike it’s blockbuster older brother IX, which could be played online or single player, X will be all all online.  In fact, only a few hours are available for single player play.  Couple that with it’s platform, the Wii and the Wii U, and the future of this title’s success in America is looking quite unclear.

Now, DQX will sell millions of copies in Japan.  They will shut down school, work, the government, and everything else so that they can gladly fork over the monthly fee to play this game.  There is no doubt in mind that it will be an epic hit and the biggest game of next year.  In America though, where Wii support has sagged and the 3DS has struggled, things may look quite different.  Online on the Wii isn’t exactly great, and online-only console games haven’t fared too well in America.  Outside of hardcore gamers, who is even going to play this game?  Not to mention that the game will be on the Wii and Wii U, guaranteeing that it won’t be as pretty as other recent games, and you’ve really got something that may backfire horridly.

My biggest concern though, is that Dragon Quest will lose ground in America.  The series has really come on strong here since DQ XIII captivated gamers on the Playstation 2, with successful entries on the DS including the online-ready IX.  Plus, Dragon Quest has had strong stories in the past, and that is something you just don’t see in online games.  I know there won’t be a monthly fee in America, but I still don’t see this doing well.

But then again, Final Fantasy XIII was horrible and it sold handsomely, so what do I know?

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