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What is the best way to successfully and quickly calm down after an argument or confrontation? After I didn’t do such a good job, I sat down to figure out why.

Today is testing day for me–an annual CT scan to make sure I remain cancer-free. Gah. This means I started the day feeling like a bereft five-year-old when I couldn’t find Sharky, the stuffed animal who comforts me around these times […]

Over the past couple of days, I’ve heard two separate stories of leukemia/lymphoma diagnoses where the patient–one a young father, the other a young child–is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.  The number of people who need transplants […]

In honor of the 10 million Americans – mostly women – who suffer from the chronic pain disorder fibromyalgia, I want to share some of these beautiful “breath prayers.”  Today is National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, a perfect time to send […]

I just got back from a quick grocery run, and because April 30 (tomorrow!) is Oprah Winfrey’s National No-Phone Day, I took a curious look at the drivers around me.  At a red light, I looked to my right.  A […]

The ’80s rock star Bret Michaels (frontman of the hair metal group “Poison”) has had major media exposure these past few years.  Some of it is not very “Fresh Living-y,” like his VH1 show “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” […]

“Stage 4 breast cancer” might be among the most terrifying four words a woman can ever hear.  The average life expectancy for a woman with that diagnosis is 30 months.  But Katherine Russell Rich has lived with it for 17 […]

Friday is D-day at my house, vitamin D-day, that is.  I’m still working my way back from an alarmingly low blood level a few months back, so I take a cheerfully green, 50,000 IU gelcap with my lunch each Friday […]

The news today that tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with breast cancer was something of a roller coaster.  First there was the “No!” feeling we get whenever someone we admire is stricken with an illness.  Learning that an […]

An interview with Ruby Gettinger from The Style Network program “Ruby” revealed inspiring truths about how the 12 step program can help with food addiction and weight loss.