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As I type this, I am listening to the songs of several birds hopping and twittering (lowercase-t) among the branches of the Norway maple tree outside my office window. Tomorrow at this time, those birds will have to hop and …Read More

I just spent 15 minutes standing perfectly still in the middle of my backyard. I had gone outside to push past the mid-day doldrums, breathe some fresh air, and inspect my two teeming raised-beds that are lush with lettuce, radishes, …Read More

The past few days have been exciting around here–I live in one of the 30 communities in and around Boston that were under a “boil water order” since a water main break late last week forced the city to divert …Read More

Trees rock. And apparently I’m not alone in this assessment of our green, leafy BFFs–here are some pro-tree quotes I’ve gathered in honor of Arbor Day 2010 (April 30th). (I culled some from Also, here’s a post I did a while …Read More

How gorgeous are these?  And on Earth Day, what could be more appropriately delicious than sinking into a soft, sweet taste of heaven like these Earth Day cupcakes? I found them over at the lovely food blog Annie’s Eats (tagline: …Read More

This week, April 19-22, more than 7,500 people from 100 countries are gathering in Cochabamba, Bolivia for the People’s World Conference on Climate Change.  Bolivian president Evo Morales has called for the gathering, and people there are discussing everything from …Read More

Thank you, HuffPo, for this awesome little video montage of the best earth day jokes–from Stephen Colbert to Letterman to Kristin Wiig. Jokes that laugh at those talking about saving the Earth, not the people who actually are. Fun little …Read More

“You’re sweet as a honeybee But like a honeybee stings You’ve gone and left my heart in pain” – The Four Tops It seems like animal week at ye Fresh Living! But I got this fascinating fact sheet from a publicist representing …Read More

Earth Hour 2010 is upon us – tomorrow, Saturday, 3/27 at 8:30 p.m., hundreds of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour in hopes of spreading awareness of climate change…and saving about a …Read More

Just in time for the beginning of spring, Huffington Post published a great feature on “guerrilla gardening,” the practice of sneaking living, lovely things into otherwise ignored spaces like the blighted dirt on many road medians or under urban trees. …Read More