Today, Fresh Living gets schooled with a thought-provoking guest post from our intrepid and talented intern, Tufts University student Marysa Sheren.  Marysa is walking a path I know I wasn’t mature enough to attempt at her age–she’s learning to shape her life around sustainable, life-affirming habits that will foster health and happiness now and in…

Friday is D-day at my house, vitamin D-day, that is.  I’m still working my way back from an alarmingly low blood level a few months back, so I take a cheerfully green, 50,000 IU gelcap with my lunch each Friday (remember, your body absorbs vitamin D better when you take it with a fat-containing meal,…

Today, a guest post from friend-of-Beliefnet Erin O’Donnell (check out her migraine control tips and nutrition quiz!).  Erin spotted this juicy news item about what researchers are learning about the history of portion sizes by looking at paintings of the Last Supper.  Fascinating food (har, har) for thought…. The Last Supper: Portion Distortion?By Erin O’Donnell…

Good morning. I heart hard boiled eggs for breakfast. They’re packed with protein, tasty, and portable. But I haaaate peeling them. You too? Check out this handy-dandy tip from Tim Ferriss. So great, must try. My friend swears it works. You? Need more morning inspiration?  Read our entire Fresh Morning collection!


Valerie Reiss

Valerie Reiss is Holistic Living Editor at Beliefnet. She was a founding editor at Breathe magazine, and her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Women's Health, Natural Health, Yoga Journal,, Vegetarian Times, and A native New Yorker, Valerie holds an M.S. from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. from Beloit College in Creative Writing with a minor in Women's Studies. She also lived in Maui for a while where she drank green papaya juice and taught some creative writing. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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