mosswoodAre you a frustrated dreamer? I know I am. I often wake up with fragments of scenes echoing in my mind that seem really meaningful–but then I leap out of bed, start my morning routine, and in seconds they’re gone. I want to linger in that realm and tap into the guidance and insight rising from a wiser source than my conscious mind.

Beliefnet’s new blogger Robert Moss addresses exactly that longing in his blog Dream Gates: “What’s that? You’re going through a dream drought? And you don’t notice much magic in the round of your days? Don’t worry: you have a world-class dreamer inside you who is ready to help you reopen your dream gates.”

A wonderful writer and brilliant teacher, Robert was raised in Australia where Aboriginal Dreamtime is a sacred path into “the world behind the world.” Robert has a unique approach to exploring dreams, called Active Dreaming–one that is playful, imaginative, and fun! “Dreaming is essentially about waking up to the bigger story and the deeper logic of our lives,” says Robert. 

Enjoy the profound and inspiring world of Dream Gates.

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