sun1.jpg“Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want.” – Sharon Gannon

I love that. The other day someone expressed concern about my excessive worrying habit, and I’ve been contemplating on it ever since. Doing my best to actually contemplate, rather than worry. I’ve been on a renewed Gilmore Girls binge lately and last night as Lorelai, the main character, was fretting, she had an exchange with her man-friend Luke than went something like this:

LUKE: Stop worrying.

LORELAI: How do I do that?

LUKE: Stop thinking about it.

Call me simple, but it was a small revelation. We worriers worry about how we can stop worrying. But there it is. Just stop thinking about it. Duh. But: Ah-ha! Worry does not actually do anything, and if I could manage a thought-redirect every time I notice myself negatively ruminating, it might just be a more wonderful life.  

And for back-up, the other day, Holly posted this amazing quote on worry:

And here’s  great piece: How to Stop Worrying.”

Do you have any stop-worrying tricks to share?

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