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dolphins_gulf.jpgI haven’t been writing about the oil spill in the Gulf because, frankly, every time I think of it I feel such a deep sense of overwhelming, immobilizing sadness and anger. But this prayer from Dr. Masaru Emoto, the author of “The Hidden Messages in Water” inspired me today.

He’s the Japanese scientist who has researched and written about how our thoughts and words affect the molecular structure water. For example, water vessels covered with the word “love” freeze into symmetrical, beautiful crystals, and those covered in words like “hate” create deformed, uneven structures. Whether you’re skeptical or not, it’s really pretty amazing to think about.

In addition to anything else you might be doing to help the situation–from boycotting BP to going down there to help–we can all say this prayer a couple of times a day. Or at least when we think of the spill, instead of sending our worry energy, we can be mindful to send loving, grateful heart energy. That’s what I’m working on. 

“Now let’s give energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all the living creatures in Mexico Gulf by praying like this:

To the water, whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes, shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae and all creatures in our Gulf of Mexico:

I apologize.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.”

– Dr. Masaru Emoto


For more: Dr. Masaru Emoto’s website

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