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It’s been almost a year since we moved into our new (well…”new”) house, and I’m happy to say there are only a few things about it that still are unfinished.  There’s nothing hanging over our fireplace, for example.  And in a related matter, the wall behind my desk is a seafoam green blank canvas, un-decorated and waiting for something to make my home office sparkle.

Home office design for a writer is key, mainly because we do a lot of staring–as in staring into space while trying to compose a better sentence, or staring at the walls while trying to sound intelligent during a phone meeting.  Home office design for anybody should inspire creativity, be interesting enough to engage your eyes and brain, and above all make you want to stay at your desk and get stuff done.

So here’s what I decided to do behind my desk – I dug through my pile of nature photos from over the years and chose 4 pictures, one that represents each of the four seasons.  I then had canvases made (I used Adorama Pix, a great company that has never done me wrong and had the canvases to my door in 4 days).  Can’t you just see these beauties on a sage green wall?  I’ll share more pictures after they’re up and in place, but meanwhile, I’m just too excited to keep this to myself:


Do you have clever, inspiring home office design ideas?  Please share!

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