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BretMichaelsRotator.jpgThe ’80s rock star Bret Michaels (frontman of the hair metal group “Poison”) has had major media exposure these past few years.  Some of it is not very “Fresh Living-y,” like his VH1 show “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” but some of his public persona–as an advocate for the Type 1 diabetes he’s lived with since age 6–is admirable.

He’s been in the news this past week because he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage last Friday.  Today, news reports say, he has suffered a minor setback that has left him with seizures but still expected to make a full recovery.

All of this brings up a perennial question we’ve posed on Fresh Living – how do you react to celebrity health news?  Does a report like this give you pause in your busy day?  Inspire you to utter a quick prayer for healing?  Hum a few bars of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn?”  Please share your thoughts.

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