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hangover_dog.jpgTonight is a night where even the freshest among us might overindulge, overimbibe, and just generally overdo.  Personally, ever since I started my elimination diet cutting out dairy and fermented products, I find that I can get a hangover from a single dairy-rich dessert or a lone glass of wine.  Bummer.

But since I plan on having a glass of champagne at midnight tonight, I’m taking on the scout’s motto “Be Prepared.”  Thankfully, our friends at Chicago Healers put out this list of 4 simple natural hangover cures that will have us all feeling right as rain tomorrow as we usher in 2010.  Plan ahead, celebrate abundantly, and have a fresh new year!

Take Your Vitamins: Vitamin C is an
antioxidant that speeds the detoxification of alcohol through our liver and can
offset the damage of alcohol to our bodies. Recommended dosage is 500mg before
and after drinking and again the next day.

ALA is A-OK: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a potent
antioxidant that destroys more “free radicals” and enhances the activity of
other antioxidants especially Vitamin C. It increases Glutathione levels in the
cells and protects against liver damage from alcohol.

Get Your Snack On: Never drink on an empty stomach.
A wise choice for a pre-drinking meal would include some fat and complex
carbohydrates such as pasta and vegetables with pesto containing olive oil,
cheese and nuts. A meal high in animal protein is likely to remain undigested
once drinking commences and can lead to indigestion and disturbed sleep later.

Water, Water, Water: Proper
hydration is critical and nutrients like Vitamin C and potassium are vital for
flushing out toxins. A healthy practice is to alternate alcoholic beverages
with a glass of water throughout the evening. This prevents dehydration and
slows alcohol consumption while relieving the accompanying thirst that often
leads to overdrinking.

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