Our blog sister Diana Butler Bass on Progressive Revival had this to say about last night’s health care speech by President Obama:

“Tonight was about the moral “we.”  President Obama delivered a hope-filled speech that called
us to stop being part of a camp–and instead see our “camp” as the wider
American family.  Those of us who
are rich, who are poor, who are in-between, those who are ill, who are healthy,
who one day may be infirm.  We are
in this together.

The idea of the “the moral we” is a powerful one, and it resonates with the idea I wrote about yesterday that wherever you stand on the health care reform debate, at the end of the day it’s about us–you with your experiences and struggles, me with mine, and what solution will best help us both.

So I thought I’d take the conversation one step further into Fresh Living territory – what would health care reform look like in your life–not in your political life, but in your real life?  I’m not thinking we should bandy about specific policy recommendations–I’m hoping we can share our ideas and hopes, a more general raison d’être for the health care process, a new definition of health care, or a wish for how we should safeguard our bodies and souls in a sometimes-sick world.  Can we have a non-political health care reform conversation?  Let us try! 

I’ll start.  My health care dream is simply this: when I go to the doctor, all I want to feel is cared for.  I don’t want to be so distracted by paperwork, misplaced records, and financial issues that I can’t pay full attention to why I came in in the first place. I want my doctor to be similarly unencumbered, so she can do the job she wants to do.  I want to feel cared for.  That’s all.

And you?  What’s your health care dream?
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