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This is the story of a Monday makeover.

I do not wear makeup every day.  I work at home, for one thing, so I have no one to impress.  But I also have something of a mental makeup block:  what’s wrong with my natural face that I should bury it under some cake-y gunk?  So this is what I see when I look in the mirror.  Hello, “before!”:

Photo 7.jpg

I have plenty o’ imperfections, and part of my makeup aversion is that I feel a little helpless against my persistent, grown-up blemishes:

Photo 9.jpg

Recently, I found myself in Sephora (translation: my sister convinced me to go in), and I decided that enough was enough.  There has to be a non-toxic, non-waxy makeup system that won’t cost a fortune or make me look like a clown or a floosie.  Enter Bare Escentuals, a company that’s apparently very big with the natural makeup crowd.  At the risk of quoting too directly from their marketing materials, the makeup is not a “pressed product,” so it contains no wax to clog pores and cake on.  It is a mineral-based makeup, so it claims to actually nourish skin as it beautifies.  We’ll see about that…she said skeptically. 

But this is why they invented webcams and home offices, isn’t it?  So let the makeover begin!

I started with a base brush-coat of foundation in their “Light” shade, which is perfect for my SPF-obsessed self. 

A little smoother of a pallet, non?

Photo 11.jpg

Using a small brush, I was even able to take the edge off of my aforementioned problem:

Photo 13.jpg

Next came “Warmth,” the bronze-y blush-y powder that went onto the apples of my cheeks and lightly brushed all over my face.  Wait a minute, might I might be starting to look awake and alert?

Photo 17.jpg

But there was something missing, even with a coat of creamy lipstick added to the mix:

Photo 21.jpg

Oh, right!  Eyes!  Ta-da!  The “after” shot (And yeah, that’s right – I put my hair in a pony and jauntily snapped my collar up.  I really am in a “go for it” kind of mood…life’s too short for the alternative, right?):

Photo 37.jpg

What I like abut this makeup is that when I wear it, I feel like my natural, un-made-up self….only with the “pretty” volume turned up a notch.  I don’t feel like I look like a different person, which is good because that was not the goal.  I might hate my blemishes, but I don’t hate myself….which was actually an unforeseen and uplifting lesson I learned from my Monday makeover.

I’m contemplating whether it’s worthwhile to set a goal of wearing this makeup every day for the month of September to see if it affects my self-image–or my skin–at all.  Stay tuned for more on that….but meanwhile, maybe you’re inspired to try a new look?  Or recommit to your old one? 

What’s your relationship with makeup? 

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