icecreamsandwich.jpgWant to hear something embarrassing about my morning?  Our kitchen designer was here with some guys to measure and template out the countertop.  They arrived at 8:30, and we were chatting and making decisions about where to put the seam (sigh) and other such details.

At a break in the conversation, Rob said, “hey, come here for a second.”  We walked into the other room, where he gently and with only mild amusement (he’s good that way) pointed out that my shirt was on inside out.

Want to know something else?  When I chose the shirt earlier, I actually turned it inside out before I put it on!  I was clearly on automatic pilot, accustomed to my habit of folding inside-out shirts and not plugged in.

I’m wondering if this complete brain-fuzz attack (there have been others so far today, but none as visible as the first) has something to do with dairy.  Yes, dairy.  Yesterday my acupuncturist told me to stay away from the milky stuff for awhile–and I ignored her because my id wanted a chocolate ice cream sandwich last night.  Bad id!

The result was a weird night’s sleep, not to mention the complete fuzzy brain situation.  Chinese medicine practitioners would wag their needles at me because dairy in TCM is believed to cause “damp heat,” which at this hot, humid time of year is bad news for chi flow, smooth thinking, and a well-behaved body. 

I will be amazed if the sentences in this post are even mildly readable (subject? verb? what?) given how blah I’m still feeling, even in my right-side-out shirt.  So I will just stop writing and pose the question–other than lactose allergies or intolerance, has an excess of dairy ever affected your health? 

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