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I spoke this week to a writer and psychotherapist who uses photography in her counseling work.  In the course of our chat about an upcoming Beliefnet feature she’s going to write (yay!), she said this:

“We take photos to mark those moments when our heart has paused to feel.”

With that beautiful thought in mind, I thought I’d ask for your caption ideas for the photograph below.  I took it yesterday on my final walk-through at our old condo (we close on the sale tomorrow).  In 9 years of living there, I never saw light like that, and it just blew me away.  Where was it coming from?  Where was it going?  What does it mean?  What does it say?

You tell me!  Enter your caption ideas in the combox.  The “prize” (Wish we could do more!  But you know, economy….) is that my favorite 3 captions will be published on Fresh Living in a future post.

Also, please share – Have you ever seen “magic light” in a photograph you’ve taken? 


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