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I just discovered–via Valerie, thanks!–the fabulous Color Me Katie blog, which chronicles the bright, sparkly escapades of a Brooklyn artist whose work is as much performance as it is pretty. 

Her most recent post bears sharing–in it, she decides to do an art project in a day.  Here’s what she did:

1.  Gathered beautiful, colorful papers.
2.  Found circle-shaped objects in her home
3.  Cut out different-sized paper circles
4.  Masking taped the circles to the wall in a triangular shape
5.  Took a jar of bubbles and photographed herself blowing the color-bubbles!

Check out the adorable, fun, artful results!  And click here for Katie’s step-by-step on how she did it.

Those circles could take so many forms, don’t you think?  You could make a giant circle of circles on a blank wall, you could do them in all different shades of green or blue or red, or you could place them at random intervals between other wall decor. 

Do you do art projects to spruce up your home?  What have you created?

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