Fresh Living

Throwing a surprise wedding reception for a random couple who just got married at City Hall might qualify as one of the best, most inspiring random acts of kindness ever.  The video below chronicles just such an event, hosted by Improv Everywhere, a group that is usually better known for pranks than for joyful give-aways.

Watch and be uplifted as a couple goes from cynical suspicion to excited celebration as they dance, toss a bouquet, eat cake, listen to toasts, and open gifts.  Tears sprung to my eyes each time the crowd burst into whoops and cheers.  Those cheer-able moments are so rare in life, what a gift to hear that sound.  Even if it’s coming from strangers, there was joy there under those (borrowed from a job fair) tents.

See more photos and info about the surprise wedding here.  And if you want more wedding-y inspiration, check out the “Don’t Stop Me Now” wedding brain break video from a few weeks ago.  Exuberant, celebratory fun, yes, please!