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Our occasional “Brain Break Inspiring Wedding Video” series continues today with a vid that has me writing this through the happiest of tears.  My colleague Dena (go visit her on our sister blog Idol Chatter for all things awesomely pop-culture-y) discovered it, and I plan on watching it at least 8 more times this afternoon.  Maybe 9. 

Dena and I were talking about why we both teared up watching it.  It’s not that it’s an emotional or touching video per se, but there was something about it that just grabbed at our hearts.  Was it the pure fun and celebration of it?  The exuberance of the song “Forever?”  That the wedding party took the time and energy to plan and practice the dance?  The surprise element that a wedding crowd in St. Paul, Minnesote wasn’t expecting?  What did you think and feel watching it?

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And now, without further ado….