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salad bowl.JPGFor Foodie Friday, we turn to our Everyday Ethics blog sister Hillary Fields to congratulate her on her smart, healthy “90 Salads in 90 Days” program, which was published on The Huffington Post this week.  Welcome to the leafy green world, Hillary!

Here were Hillary’s 12 rules of salad indoctrination, created to support her efforts as a self-described carnivore and a “junk food junkie”:

1. I’d prepare, purchase or order a salad every day for 3 months (and eat it).

2. If I for some reason ate two salads on a given day (unimaginable
to me at first) I did not have license to skip the next day’s. It just
meant good salad karma.

3. If, on the other hand, I missed a day (and I’d really make an effort not to), I’d have to double up the next.

4. A salad would be defined as something primarily, though not
necessarily exclusively, composed of leaves and veggies. A fruit salad
would be a pretty bogus substitute (since I already loved fruit), and
one I should feel very, very wussy about if I chose to count it.

5. A stir-fry could, at need, constitute a legitimate salad
because, as a friend of mine put it, it’s really just “hot salad.”

6. Mayo-coated monstrosities such as potato, pasta, or chicken
salad would not count. (This was not a problem for me because I hate
all three with the fire of a thousand suns.)

7. Dressing could be as much or as little as I liked (again not a problem because I mostly like only a little).

8. In order to “count,” the day’s salad should be bigger than an
appetizer size if at all possible, and gigantic when feasible.

9. Organic greens are vastly preferable but not obligatory – any roughage will do in a pinch.  [FRIENDLY FRESH LIVING ADVICE – lettuce and other greens are on the “dirty dozen” list of produce that holds the most residual pesticides.  So really reeeeally try to go organic!]

10. It’s okay to eat the same kind of salad day after day if I want to – whatever works! <!–

11. Nuts and cheese are also ok, in moderation – gotta make it palatable somehow.

12. No whining.

Kudos are in order, she did it!  And she learned a lot, including how her energy level shot up as she consumed more raw vitamins.  Inspired, I have 2 salad tips of my own to add:

1.  Consider Making Greens Optional – beets, walnuts, and a crumble of goat cheese totally count as salad in my book!  Also, when you add lean proteins (lentils offer a complete protein, don’t forget!) to salads, they easily become healthy, balanced meals.

2.  Always Think Seasonally – last night, I chunked up some fresh farmer’s market tomatoes, a tender cucumber, and a handful of chopped parsley, mint, basil, and dill for an herby, summery delight.  Drizzle of olive soil, sprinkle of red wine vinegar, et voila!  No greens AND all about eating with the seasons!

Share your salad tips, your most original salad creations, and please join me in a salad-y shout-out to Hillary!

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