recycle.jpgI’m at the LOHAS conference in Boulder, a green gathering I posted on the other day. And right now, I’m in a session where they’re talking about the intricacies of the LOHAS demographic–who buys green, organic, socially responsible, and natural products–a $50 million industry. In the midst of the numbers, the speaker, Steve French of the Natural Marketing Institute, just showed an amusing list, “You know you’re a LOHAS consumer when…” (this is partial and partially paraphrased):

You bring home your recycling if there’s none at work
You maximize the amount of space on your countertop to dry ziplock bags
You glare at people who don’t have a reusable shopping bag at the grocery store
You double glare at the double baggers
You worry about cow flatulence
You have visions of drowning polar bears ever time you adjust the thermostats
People don’t ask you for advice on how to be more green because they know you’ll give it

Hee. I can relate to most of these. Can you? Any you would add?

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