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minttea2.JPGMy new favorite television show is The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. The protagonist, Precious Ramotswe, played by the talented Jill Scott, never EVER makes a big decision without first sitting down with a cup of African Bush tea (also known as Rooibos).  I love how she relishes the ritual and derives comfort from the herbal tisane that’s indigenous to her southern African country, Botswana.

I also love Rooibos. Since I like to sip tea all day, I stay away from caffeine (with the exception of my one espresso every morning). So I’ve created my own indigenous tea source by growing several herbal varieties right in my yard.

Peppermint is a standard digestive and breath freshener, which is also great iced. Lavender makes a calming after-dinner cup especially with honey. Lemon verbena with a splash of milk and agave sweetener is appropriate all day, every day. And steeping couldn’t be simpler. I just snap off a small handful of leaves, rinse, put them in a mug and add hot water.  A few minutes later, the cup is brewed. 

Here’s a nifty tea garden tutorial.  And even if you don’t grow your own, fresh herbs from the market will do just fine.

Any tea gardeners who want to share favorites or tips? 

[image via: stacie stukin]

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