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coupons.JPGEveryone likes a bargain, right? And in these economic times, saving money — even a little — is a satisfying pastime. I was never an avid coupon clipper mostly because the coupons that come in the newspaper are for products I don’t generally use. But early this year, in a fit of financial anxiety, I did a search and discovered some companies actually offer coupons for products I like. Here’s what I found.

Mambo Sprouts specializes in organic food and beverages and they even have coupons for my favorite Barlean’s Omega Swirl flax oil.

For cleaning products Ecover has some on-line offers and so does Seventh Generation.

For dairy product coupons,  check-out Stonyfield Farms and Organic Valley

Even Whole Foods (which I sometimes call Whole Paycheck), has some cost savings.  Next time you go into your local Whole Foods Market, look for the coupons in The Whole Deal newsletter.

Are you bargain shopping?  Any coupon tips?

[image via: stacie stukin

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