supertonic.jpgAs regular FL-ers know, I’ve been sick most of the looong winter and cooold spring. About a week ago it looked like I was getting ill again and the healer I just started seeing suggested downing some of Dr. Schulze’s Supertonic. I just got some last night, so I can’t fully attest to its powers, but, wow. This stuff has some kick! And is a perfect preventative in the midst of swine flu panic.

The liquid concoction’s ingredients: fresh Habanero pepper, garlic bulb, white onion, Hawaiian yellow ginger and horseradish root. You can take it straight or in a little water and it’s suprisingly delicious–and not nearly as spicy as the pepper might suggest (and I am a spice-wimp). Each ingredient is well-known for kicking some viral butt and rallying immunity. And many of the ingredients are either organic or wild-crafted, yay! 

Habenero pepper: reduces inflammation, clears mucus membranes, detoxifying

Garlic bulb: anti-fungal and anti-viral

White onion: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, good for digestion

Hawaiian yellow ginger: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves digestion

Horseradish root: antibiotic, expectorant, heats up the body to detox

One person out there has a recipe for DIY Supertonic and even suggests putting some on a salad. Which sounds delicious. I figure, medicine that’s potent and tastes good enough to snack on (that isn’t Flintstones vitamins), is something I can wildly recommend–and I’m very finicky and skeptical about most potions.

(But obvi check with your doc before taking my word for it.)

Click here to order Dr. Schulze’s Supertonic.

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