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In tough economic times those who already had it tough have it much tougher. That’s why Susan Skog wrote her book “How to Give Back” and is starting National Dine To Make a Difference Day, “a potluck with purpose” and “a meal with meaning,” in conjunction with Dining for Women, an organization that addresses extreme poverty through “educational dinner circles.”

The idea is that on this Saturday, May 2nd people all over the country will be having potlucks and group meeals and donating the money they’re saving by not eating out to one of six hunger organizations. Here’s how it works (from Susan’s site):

1) Make a list of people you want to invite.

2) Decide what type of gathering you’d like to host. A brunch, dinner, lunch – a backyard barbecue or after-work gathering?

3) Register your Dine to Make a Difference event at: Look at the other gatherings underway.

4) Send an e-mail and/or mail invitation to your guests and include the time and location of your event. If it’s a potluck, invite everyone to bring a dish.

5) Follow up invitations with a personal phone call.

6) Decide what dishes to serve. Look here for delicious sample recipes from around the world.

7) Designate someone to collect contributions to ease hunger and poverty.

8) At your gathering, discuss the work of the six recommended hunger-fighting organizations, pool your contributions that you would have spent dining out, and send them to one – or several – of the organizations.

9) Then, report back! Go to and let us know how your gathering went! Visit our Dine to Make a Difference online community, and share your experience, photos, and which organization(s) you are supporting.

10) Celebrate, enjoy and have a wonderful Dine to Make a Difference gathering! Know that you’ve fueled a grassroots effort across the country to help feed people who don’t know where their next meal comes from.

And some tragic global hunger stats:

– 963 million people across the world are hungry

– One in six children in the U.S. aren’t sure where their next meal will come from

– Nearly 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes every day

– One child every five seconds.

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