So…a confession: Even we at Fresh Living occasionally (ha!) indulge in some good, old-fashioned whining. Most of the time, since we live and work in different states, this takes place online via instant messenger, and as often as not, our sessions usually quickly evolve from pity-parties into fun word plays, gratitude lists, or words that rhyme/make us laugh.

Today’s started with one of us saying, “I wish I had someone to advise me on…” (who can remember what these things are even about?). It wound up becoming a giggle-laden back-and-forth in which we traded our wish lists for the people who would staff our ideal life.  As in, if only I had a:

– Publicist
– Stylist
– Wardrobe Consultant
– Masseuse
– Cook
– Trainer
– House Cleaner
– Personal Yoga Teacher
– Guru

In addition to distracting us from whatever was bothering us in the first place, our IM chats always come back around to some essential truth. In this case, listing all the professionals we would want to staff our life is a reminder that we are not as disempowered as a bad day can make us feel, that we can be our own life coach, and that taking care of our own lives, while exhausting sometimes, is ultimately what it’s all about. Furthermore, it made us realize all the areas of our life in which we are supported, cared for, loved, and guided.

Anyway, what do you think? Do blow off steam electronically with your buddies?

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