You guys are a creative bunch!  You have great ideas for ways to use un-recyclable orange juice (and milk) cartons.  Here are a few, please add your ideas to the combox so we can make this a full-fledged Beliefnet feature!

From Sugrona:
“I wash them out with vinegar and use them to freeze broth, soup, berries, jellies etc.”

From LutheranChik:
“Gardeners growing tomatoes, peppers and other larger vegetable plants
from seed can cut off the tops of juice containers and use them as pots
for seedlings big enough to move to an individual planter but not ready
for the garden.”

From David:
“I have seen them used in home shops to hold and contain different hardware (nails and screws and such).”

From David (again!):
“Create a doll house…a shadow box…or a drawer liner. Remember when we were young, we used our imagination to create what we we wished it to be. We could entertain ourselves for hours with a cardboard box. Have fun and
keep a young mind.”

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