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I call them the Crazy Curls. The ones that shoot out of my bun/ponytail (bunnytail?) like electrified corkscrews. Nothing seems to tamp them short of professional help in the form of hairstylist, turbo heat, and a straightening iron built to flatten mountains. Nothing except, of course the usual array of probably toxic hair care products with ingredients I avoid, like parabens, the sodium laurels, and other things I can barely pronounce.

For years I’ve been suspicious of the combination of these potential toxins plus the ultra-absorbing power of the scalp. So, no Finesse for me. Sorry, Suave. But the very tiny array of existing natural hair care products barely dent–and sometimes encourage–the enthusiasm of the CC’s. The closest I’d come until recently was Aubrey’s GPB conditioner, which softens my hair to a notch below its usual Brillo.

But the other day I re-discovered John Master’s Organics double-trouble sproing-tamers–the intensive conditioner and detangler. For years the brand used plenty of the alleged nasties, despite the organic label. But now, pure-ish, they pass my picky test. And, amazingly, my CCs are much, much better. The only problem being, of course, shelling out $22 for conditioner in a recession. I’m sticking with it for now, though. Anyone find anything else that works?

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