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I’ve been making an effort not to reach for the 4 o’clock cookie. For a while there, I was either scrounging around the office for a sugary boost, or getting myself to a coffee shop for a sweetness injection. But […]

A study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that regular hypnosis reduced the frequency and intensity of hot flashes by 68 percent in a group of breast cancer survivors. The women also reported a lessening of anxiety, […]

I remember the moment I kicked the coffee. It was at our cheesily named college lounge, The Java Joint. I had been up writing some sort of paper, probably about the role of misogynistic archetypes in top 40 songs or […]

My blog sister Holly just wrote about her ban on male doctors. I can totally relate. Even though my pediatrician, Dr. Rappaport was a lovely man, many subsequent male doctors in my early life were condescending, dismissive, and down-right rude. […]

I call them the Crazy Curls. The ones that shoot out of my bun/ponytail (bunnytail?) like electrified corkscrews. Nothing seems to tamp them short of professional help in the form of hairstylist, turbo heat, and a straightening iron built to […]

Therese writes often on Beyond Blue about the mental health benefits of exercise, Kathy Smith has shown us the myriad benefits of a walking regimen, and we all know that both our physical and emotional bodies benefit from even a […]

“Integrative medicine” is probably a term many Beliefnet readers are familiar with. It attracts people who aren’t about to give up the idea that their doctors should have MD degrees, but who want a more holistic approach to healthcare that […]

In my previous post, I alluded not-so-subtly to my preference for female doctors. Writing about it like that made me wonder if that’s something I should challenge a bit.  The first doctors I ever remember going to as a child […]

Most of us grew up thinking of the family doctor as a person you can count on to know you (and your body), be available to you, and to help you navigate the health care system. But in a world […]

Is my chi flowing? Are my meridians open? Are my chakras balanced? Are my joints fluid? Is my weight normal? Is my hair lustrous? Are my gums pink? Do I feel well? From the big picture of how our bodies […]