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Guest Columnist – Dr. Norm Wakefield

If you want the Bible to come alive and relate to the 21st century then this book is for you. Timothy Keller is uniquely gifted as a writer, pastor and theologian. Not many can integrate these three callings in writing an engaging book, but Keller excels.

Jesus the King is a devotional commentary on the gospel of Mark. Some fill commentaries with scholarly research, Greek word studies and historical data in a way that fills the brain, but doesn’t touch the heart. It’s obvious that Keller has done extensive research, but he writes in a warm, insightful manner that is easy to read. I began to look for my highlighter so that I could remember the insights he was sharing.

Keller’s goal is not to give an exhaustive exposition of everything in the book of Mark. Rather he highlights those words and events that tie the book together around Jesus’ ministry and purpose on earth. It’s as though we are journeying with Christ as he walks on earth’s soil.

A word that keeps surfacing in my mind when I think of Keller is insight. When I read what he writes I find myself being drawn deeper into the life of Jesus. He sees what I’m liable to miss. He describes Christ’s words and events in a manner that is refreshing. And, his writing touches my emotions. I find myself stopping to thank our Lord for who he is, what he has done, and how he loves us. Reading the book is like mining for gold. When you strike a vein you want to stop and enjoy what you’ve found.

If you want to read something that both gives you insight into the Bible, and enriches your walk with the Lord, then Jesus the King is the book to read.


Jesus the King by Timothy Keller




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