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OK, yes, I’m talking about my own book in today’s column, so if that offends you feel free to skip to the next column. But this is the book that inspired “For Bible Study Nerds,” so I thought you’d like to hear about it.

The idea behind Instant Small Group is that you don’t have to be a genius to help others learn about the Bible. All you have to be is somebody who’s curious enough to ask questions about what’s inside the pages of Scripture. That’s it—and that’s why it helps people grow in faith and understanding of the Bible.

Instant Small Group features guided discussions for a year’s worth of Bible study meetings, broken into four main categories: Christian Essentials (study guides on theology and doctrine); Personal Growth (study guides about individual spirituality); Family and Community (study guides about Christian relationships); and Holidays. All 52 guides here require zero pre-session preparation—any nerd can literally “open and go” when it’s time to begin the discussion in a small group. And anyone in the group can lead…group members can even take turns leading from week to week. Bible Study Nerds can also use it as a personal devotional journal, which is kind of cool.

So how did this book inspire “For Bible Study Nerds?” Well, for each discussion guide I added a little “Bible background” information about the Scripture beings studied. I liked that so much, I started writing more Bible background bits about the book of Matthew—and those became the basis for this column.

Instant Small Group combines biblical depth with entertaining, educationally-sound Socratic teaching techniques anyone can use. This book will both challenge and inspire any Bible Study Nerd toward spiritual growth. Easily recommended.


Instant Small Group by Mike Nappa

(Baker Books)



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