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Jesus’ healing of the paralytic is a dazzling physical miracle, but even more a stunning revelation and commentary on the spiritual realm.

“Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven,” Christ said as his precursor to healing. Here’s a little deeper insight into what that simple sentence entailed:

  • “Take heart” (tharséō)—This is more than simply a “cheer up!” kind of statement. It connotes both a promise of good outcome and a charge to marshal one’s courage in the face of imminent difficulty. It’s a synonym for the Greek word, tharréō, which means to be full of hope and confidence.
  • “Son” (téknon)—The Pulpit Commentary notes that this word, “as a term of address, is elsewhere in the New Testament used only where there is relationship physical…or moral, especially that of a pupil and teacher…It therefore implies that there is both sympathy and much common ground between the speaker [Jesus] and him whom he addresses [the paralytic].”
  • “Your sins” (hamartías)—Any offense against God, which includes “the guilt, punishment, and power of sin” in a person’s life.
  • “Are forgiven” (aphíēmi)—To send away; to remove the penalty of sin; to pardon completely.


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