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Here’s a quick overview of a few keywords from Matthew 7:-13-14, along with their brief meanings in the original Greek text:

• Enter (eisérchomai): To go or come into. Also, to go about one’s daily life.

• Narrow (stenós): This is a Greek term that means both “narrow” and “straight.” Hence the common saying, “Walk the straight and narrow path.”

• Road (hodós): Can be a highway, a street, or a road, though it typically refers to a street within a city. Sometimes used symbolically as a reference to Jesus himself, as in John 14:6 (“I am the way…”).

• Destruction (apṓleia): To destroy fully. Ruin. To die, or death.

• Life (zōḗs): Human life, both physical (temporary) and of the soul (eternal). Also a reference to resurrection when applied to Jesus (see Romans 5:10, 2 Corinthians 4:10-12) and a reference to Christ’s resurrecting power (Romans 11:15).

• Find (huerískō): To gain, procure, obtain. To discover. Can also mean “to find without seeking.”


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