I don’t have any pithy thoughts on this week’s rather random collection of Psalms from the Twible, but I do want to say this:

1) We are almost finished with the Psalms. I love the Psalms, but man, I need a Selah.

2) We have passed the halfway point for the whole Twible project. And God still has not struck me with lightning! Well, he still has a year and a half to get a few blows in.

Thanks to the many people who have retweeted, “liked,” reposted, or linked to their favorite Twible passages. If you are in Utah on August 4, I’ll be speaking about the Twible at the Sunstone Symposium. Hope to see you there. –JKR

#Twible Ps 116: Song of recovery from illness, depression, &/or despair. Insert your personal crisis here. Oh, and be sure to say thx to G.

#Twible Ps 117: Shortest Ps. ALL nations have to praise G b/c of what he did for Israel. We’re talking to you, Egypt & Syria. PTL, already.

#Twible Ps 118: G’s love endures forever. And ever. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Now, go sing it at the mall and shock some total strangers.

#Twible Ps 119: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet. OK, but can’t you use a super bright LED & not this lame flashlight w/flaky batteries?

#Twible Ps 120: 1st of 15 Songs of Ascents. (No, it’s not that kind of high. Just say no. It’s about making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.)

#Twible Ps 121: G’s bodyguard firm advertises 24/7 protection: “He will not let your foot be moved! He who keeps you will not slumber!”

#Twible Ps 122: “Peace be within your walls, Jerusalem.” Well, someday. Maybe. If you can get your crap together & stop warring. We’ll see.

#Twible Ps 123: “Let us praise God. O Lord, You are so big, so absolutely huge. Gosh, we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell You.”

#Twible Ps 124: Thank G that G’s on our side. If that isn’t too tautological or anything. If it weren’t for G, we’d be G-less.

#Twible Ps 125: G, do good to those who do good. Is that so hard? Life would be a lot less complicated if you’d just do this 1 thing for us.

#Twible Ps 126: The slings & arrows of outrageous fortune have made mincemeat of us once again. Not to get all Shakespearean on you.

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