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This month’s WJK Radio podcast has been posted, and I am all aflutter. Barbara Brown Taylor is one of my favorite spirituality writers, so it was a great honor to get to talk to her. You’ll be impressed with how […]

We once again interrupt our regularly scheduled Beliefnet programming for a cruise update. An earlier post was a review of the Sapphire Princess (short version? Fantastic cruise), while today’s gives some highlights of various shore excursions our family took.   […]

As I mentioned recently on Flunking Sainthood, I had the opportunity earlier this month to be a guest on the Mormon Matters podcast with LDS blogger Joanna Brooks and evangelical pastor John Morehead, talking about theological differences between our religions. […]

Since I began the Twible project, people have sometimes asked me what the hardest parts of the Bible are to tweet. I didn’t have an answer for them at that time, but now I do, and it’s an unexpected one: […]

Over at The Jesus Creed blog today, Scot McKnight raises an important question about Americans and vacation. Here are some stats: Germany requires employers to give their workers at least four weeks of vacation. Finland, Brazil and France (no surprise) […]

Last week I succumbed to the “lure of the free.” I saw on Twitter that was offering Kindle users  a limited-time promotion, in which Samuel L. Jackson‘s 6-minute audio rendition of the new sensation “Go the F**k to Sleep” […]

In doing the Twible recently I’ve come across a whole genre that I like to call the “Wake Up, God, and Get the Hell Out of Bed” Psalms. These are the Psalms for when God feels impossibly far away at […]

Our summer of frothy fiction continues with Wicked Lovely, the first in a YA series about faeries and the high school girls who . . . don’t quite love them. The trivia: Grade: B+ Age group: Suitable for 14 and […]

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a maelstrom over at Patheos, which published Warren Cole Smith’s article “A Vote for Romney is a Vote for the LDS Church” on May 24. As this follow-up interview makes clear, Smith believes […]

I’ve got a post up today at Gathering Voices on how Netflix is complicating my life. According to psychological research, too much choice can actually paralyze us from making any choices at all. Hmmm. So it would seem . . […]