Barbara Brown TaylorThis month’s WJK Radio podcast has been posted, and I am all aflutter. Barbara Brown Taylor is one of my favorite spirituality writers, so it was a great honor to get to talk to her. You’ll be impressed with how I was actually able to carry on a conversation even while crowing inwardly, “I am interviewing BBT! I am interviewing BBT!”

OK, gushing complete. Sorry.

The specific focus is on her editorial role in WJK’s popular Feasting on the Word commentary series; she was a very hands-on co-editor for all 12 volumes, the last of which was published earlier this year. WJK has a number of side products in the feasting line, including the forthcoming Feasting on the Gospels commentaries and a multi-generational curriculum based on the Revised Common Lectionary.

In the interview we also talk a bit about her approach to writing and what she’s up to next. Check it out! –JKR



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