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Friends, Due to a death in the family, Flunking Sainthood is on hiatus for the next two weeks. I’ll return on Monday, November 1. Thank you to all who have sent their kind words of condolence. Jana

Last week I was privileged to have a long phone conversation with one of my favorite contemporary writers, Philip Yancey. Interviewing authors each Wednesday is easily my favorite part of blogging, and this opportunity was a real highlight. Philip Yancey’s […]

The Twible turned one last week! In celebration of its birthday I wrote a reflective humor piece for the Faith & Leadership newsletter, talking about what I’ve learned in a year of tweeting the Bible. A portion of the article […]

Last week’s “Mormon Mondays” column on Boyd Packer’s conference talk has generated a fair amount of controversy, to put it mildly. I read some of the comments on the first day and all of the messages and emails that people […]

The Chronicler’s Cleanflix version of the Davidic narrative continues this week with a wonderfully PG version of David and the ark. Gone is the full frontal nudity that marked David’s joy in 2 Samuel 6, though other parts of the […]

This week over at Episcopal Cafe, Ellen Painter Dollar (at left) has a great post on a question that plagues me perpetually: how much is too much? Why do I feel more virtuous today, when I hauled a bed frame […]

I’ve been listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again in preparation for the movie next month–which releases in 45 days, but who’s counting? In listening I have come once more to realize why it is one of my […]

I am kvelling today, flush with pleasure at the happy news that one of the books I edited has just been nominated for a 2011 Christianity Today book award in the Christian Living category. The book is called What Was […]

I had a lovely blog post written for today, which I drafted on Saturday after being deeply moved by the beautiful talks from Elder Jeffrey Holland and Elder Dieter Uchtdorf. The blog today was going to be about favorite General […]

The first time I ever heard the Bible’s story of Unauthorized Ark Handling was in my temple prep class some years ago. One of the teachers told this story from Chronicles 13 — twice, in fact — to express how […]