Flirting with Faith

Why is it that we are so surprised when people do wonderful, selfless, one-sided, things for us?  

I’m talking about those times when we have a need – expressed or hidden – and someone senses it and fills it without asking a thing in return. When the help, guidance or counsel comes with no strings attached, no expectations, no big announcement or recognition. 
I woke with this question on the heels of two experiences this week. The first was the shocked gratitude expressed by a woman who I offered to help with a book proposal without her asking. The other was my own shocked gratitude when three wonderful, talented and busy people agreed to help me out with something on short notice with no discernible benefit to themselves.  
Why the big surprise?
Have I/we become so jaded that simple acts of human kindness have become an oddity? Am I/are we so self-serving that the good we do (or the good we receive) needs to be tied to exposure or profit or some future blessing?
Would love to hear your thoughts and stories…
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