Flight of the Soul

Forgiveness offers everything necessary to experience complete peace.

Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land Love > Fear

Forgive Everyone 

Take responsibility for your part in any drama that occurs. Enable a lighten-ing of the grip of blame, leading the way to owning your place in the world allowing forgiveness to flow..

Affirm It 

I give up what has happened to me and leap quantum style into forgiveness laying aside blame. Allow me the grace to invite total forgiveness into my heart to wash away all that no longer serves. Allow me to embrace life in love with all that is.


Copy of Mels Love Land S1_ All Systems Love (4)Wisdom

A Course in Miracles is a “universal, self-study spiritual thought system, offering a unique process for teaching forgiveness and how to remove barriers in the student’s mind to the awareness of love’s abiding presence”



May you be free of the judgments and dramas and struggles.

Love, Mel



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