Flight of the Soul

Each of us is here to give and to receive love, whereby in every encounter we are blessed with an opportunity to extend kindness and compassion to a brother. Don’t miss the possibilities in each moment. Miracles flow from love.
Melanie Lutz Day 36 8th Next 100 Don’t Be Deceived by Appearances
Don’t Be Deceived by Appearances
Don’t let the moments of grace slip by. Take a beat. Go deeper. Notice and celebrate the light in each of us that connects us to all things.
Affirm It
I extend love and kindness in each moment
This moment standing in front of you, that you may think is a nuisance, that you absolutely don’t have time for, believe isn’t your deal, not your responsibility. This moment, this thing, that’s irritating, bothering, showing up in your path is exactly what is up for you and necessary to drop into the next deepening expression of yourself. Don’t ignore it in your self initiated ‘knowing’ you are doing something more important.
May you know love and kindness in equal measure and act from the knowing of your heart.
Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz Camera Self Portrait CMDCMelanie Lutz is a Writer, Director, Producer and All Systems Love Activist.

Mel motto:

Love deeply

Practice kindness

Laugh often

Give generously ⚡️

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