Flight of the Soul

I respect VICE News for embedding a reporter into the process and behind the scenes so we could have this insight. Please be aware – Charlottesville: Race and Terror on HBO. Watch. Please.

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Everyday in every neighborhood this talk takes place. It is absurd. Hateful and ridiculous. There is no one to hate. That is an illusion.

Jews are not in a conspiracy. That talk is an illusion.

Dr. William Barber spoke words that drill time through me in these conversations… “there is no right or left it is only right vs. wrong.” What you witness through this report is not right behavior, thinking, or action. It happens. People are out of their ‘right’ mind.

We have the ability to stand up with Love. Wrong minded behavior falls in the light of day. When we stand up to hate, where it is, in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in our media. We see it. We address it. We choose a course of action.

Move into it – dissipate.

Get Support to Deal with It – Community.

Change your thinking – inner power.

Turn on the light. Remain convicted in Love.

There are more of us who are loving than there are haters.

What is witnessed of hate and fear can be healed.  What is witnessed of love expands naturally.

This is not loving behavior. It is not right. There is no one to hate. To repeat. That is a false illusion.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Let me know what you plan on doing.

God bless.



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