The deliciousness of living gives birth to the ecstasy of each moment in the adventures of our heart, those moments that come forward in the quiet uncertainty of the unknown, that thrilling goosebump filled connection with all that is. Take this moment to ground into your soul’s code.
When you are in the soul filled adventure you are filled with courage and acceptance with each step. As Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventures joins the other loving issues. A few words of love. We are united in love. We are united in our sorrow. We are united in our humanity. We, together can work in our communities to extend love. Do not get side tracked with gobble de goob noise or what people ‘in power’ are doing, we are in charge of our powerful selves, we know how to act, to be, to love. We march forward, with our heads turned backward if necessary, and do the loving thing we came here to do, to be in service, to take an adventure into the testament of hope regardless if we see the impact. We must do what needs to be done. Let’s continue to discuss what matters, lets continue to act with kindness and love that speaks in the space of our collective heart loud enough for all to hear on a vibrational level.
Our inspiration for this issue 11 is the incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt in Riverside Park on the upper west side in the glorious late Spring time in NYC.
Allow this issue to embrace your dreams, to nourish them with each step you take and allow it to remind you….
2 Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventure Melanie LutzTO TAKE ACTION.
find a way to do what needs to be done – to talk about things that matter
to live in the oneness of now – knowing all of us are one of us.
each of us is connected – one’s suffering is all of our suffering
right minded thinking blazes a trail – for all to see. Get out there and do good. Be kind. Live in the light of all that you can be. Enjoy the connection to the adventure of connection.
Love, Mel.
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