Flight of the Soul

melnaie lutz Vanessa by the Sea roadwayEmanual Swedenborg connected the other side and heaven in the concepts of divine love and wisdom leaving a rich soul full experience.

The spiritual world is distinct from the natural world but connected via an energy present in all things. When Ghandi years later discussed that the ends are inherent in the means he picked up this thread of the eternal truth.  Therefore there are angels and spirits in the world.

As Swendborg wrote ‘As these things have not been known it has also been unknown that the light and heat that angels and spirits have is different from the light and heat that men have; also that light and heat in the spiritual world derive their essence from the sun there, as our light and heat derive their essence from our sun; therefore the essence of light and heat from their sun is spiritual, while the essence of light and heat from our sun is natural, to which, however, a spiritual from their sun has been joined, which enlightens man’s understanding when the natural enlightens his eye.’ He speaks to the holiness of all things. We stand in the spirit of all the means in our things in each moment we remain present to the now within each encounter.

Continue to see beyond what your human eyes and ears are taking in. Continue to allow love to lead the way. Continue to connect to the heart of the matter. Take action. Be loving. Enjoy yourself.

Love, Mel

Mels Love Land Melanie Lutz

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