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Dance from the HeartAt The Souther California Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association Summer meeting at the Art of Living near USC I danced with my sisters and ancestors and community sparking a soul filled remembering of the heart of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Whispers of Eternity.


The words entered the flight of the soul so completely as to remain connected to all movement of all time, to the broadcast of harmonies greatest triumph, that of the heart beating, the soul speaking and the body moving.

This complete expression of the heart in movement and comfort and complexity with the simple turns of the body in motion full of love was a revelation.Melanie Lutz Behin Behrozi Gabriela Garcia Dance from the Heart American Association of Dance Therapy

With gratitude for all our ancestors, all that came before and all that would follow we danced.

We danced for each other, for our joy, for our sorrow, for our friendship and for our community.

We danced to heal ourselves and all those who we are inter-connected with.

We danced to forgive oursleves and those who transgressed against us

We danced for love. Now and forever.

We showed up to celebrate our collective hearts.

We grateful for all the gifts we recieve today and always. In the many ways and traditions of Dance it is an honor to expand this practice to grow and participate in a movement healing energy storytelling practice.

Please enjoy the little sharing on Soundcould below:


Here’s a moment of contemplation from the Yogananda’s book Whispers of the Heart – consider it a cry for freedom.

Make Me a Lion of Thy All-Conquering Wisdom

A lion-cub of the Divine Mother, I was somehow thrown into life in the sheep-fold of human frailties. Living long with the sheep of fear, failure and disease, I bleated with weakness. I forgot my roars which had frightened away all wicked, pestering sorrows. O Lion of Realization, Thou didst drag me away from the sheep-fold unto the waters of meditation. And Thou didst say: “Open thine eyes and roar!” But I kept my eyes tightly closed and bleated with fear. The roar of Thy wisdom reverberated through me, and Thy hard shakings of spiritual urge made me open my eyes. Lo! there in the crystal pool of peace, Thou didst show me my face to be like Thine!

Now, I know I am the Lion of cosmic power. I will no more bleat in fear of weakness and suffering: I will roar with the vibrant power of the Almighty! Bounding in the forest of experiences, I will seize the little creatures of vexing worries, the timid fears, and wild hyenas of disbelief, and devour them ruthlessly.

O Lion of Immortality, roar through me Thine all-conquering power of wisdom! (Whispers, No. 43.)

May wisdom reign. May love be abundant and may all your dreams continue to come true.

Love, Mel

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