Flight of the Soul

My heart hurts when I hear the ideas and thoughts that spring up when tragedy strikes, or for that matter anytime there is something that happens that triggers us and the reaction blows up creating chaotic energy with a rush to do something.

Today, is the day to Hold On.  Help in the form of more love than you can ever imagine is on the way.

It reminds me of a neighborhood meeting I attended to talk about adding sidewalks to improve the safety of the heavily car traveled roads and what we might be able to do about re-paving the streets, when one of the neighbors hijacked the conversation with her personal fear about her house catching on fire and her being trapped in a blazing inferno and her inability to sleep.  Off target, yes, a reality in her world, most certainly, but not something of the light to worry about and project outward.

The Head of the Fire Department who was leading the meeting took a moment to assure the woman with, ‘My people in the Firehouse just up the street are on call to protect and serve without fail.’  The Woman smiled at the kind statements as he continued supporting her ability to rest at ease in the larger context of ‘no matter what happens’ everything will be okay.

Something we can all adopt at the deepest level.

Personal fears are just that fear.  Fear is part of our humanity and in love’s opinion is unproductive, and quite simply, not to be too much of a shocker when it comes up, truly does not exist as a reality when we receive love into our hearts.

Stay focused on the task at hand.  Listen to guidance from your own intuition and don’t get derailed by insane undisciplined thinking.

Whatever is going on, take a breath, experience a connected moment within and HOLD ON.

You don’t need to do anything, you do not need to react, you only need to experience the love available in this moment and the next moment will take care of itself.

Enjoy Alabama Shakes singing their hit “Hold On.”

So, bless my heart,
Bless my mind,
I got so much to do, 
I ain’t got much time
So, must be someone up above 
Saying come on girl, 
You got to get back up.
You got to hold on.
Yeah you got to hold on.

Remember today your mechanism to turn fear into love.  Allow love to dissipate your need to react and open up to responding with love.

Thinking is meant to be used in service of love.  Anything else is in-sane-ity

lots of love,

Day Fifty Six of  #LoveLand101


Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter, author, and poet living in Los Angeles.  Follow her on Twitter….Tweets by @mobilemel

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