Flight of the Soul

#LoveLand101Love is an experience we get to practice every day, with each breath. Through this practice we learn that responding when we are centered with Love creates miracles and quells our human nature to react with our ingrained defensiveness, which only leads to fearful decision making, inadvertently causing separation and hurt.

That which unites us is the underlying responsibility of every conversation. It is one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Under God.

Take today to understand the meaning of ‘all things are echoes of love;

Let the echoes of love transform any unloving action or thought and allow love to give them back to you as miracles which joyously proclaim you happiness.

Stand with me today and everyday in this practice of loving thought in action.

When someone seems to be unkind, shift your thinking into different possibilities, maybe they have forgotten the truth, maybe they are distracted with worry, etc.  Whatever it is remind them with a blessing of Love.

Have this be what America stands for. Have this day be one in which honor and respect and understanding rule the land.

Live your life as a testament to the total commitment to humanities re-birth from fear to love.


Lots of Love,


Day Fifty Five of #LoveLand101

Melanie Lutz is a screenwriter, author, and visual story teller living in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter….Tweets by @mobilemel

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