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Happy New Year Everyone,
I’ll be on the road over the holidays, and taking time to finish the draft of my new book, so in the meantime, here are a few end-of-the-year awards.
Correction of the Year. Is Dunkin’ Donuts the key to interfaith harmony?
Faster Trend of the Year. The Feiler Faster Thesis is having a boom month. It’s been used to explain the election. And Britney Spears!
Turnabout of the Year. Even the Right is now advocating what we’ve been endorsing all year on Feiler Faster: Talk to Iran.
And a few more items that caught my eye recently. The pastor of the Methodist Church across where I attended synagogue in Savannah wrote a thoughtful piece about wise men and Christmas that included some nice words about me.
For readers of WHERE GOD WAS BORN who have been wondering about what’s going on inside the Baghdad Museum, which I toured in the months after the invasion, the NYT has a rare peek inside.
And the NYT has picked up on another theme of that book: Make-your-own-faith.
Finally, please come back in January when I report back on the winner of my annual Predictions Game with my brother and unveil my picks for this year.

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