Have you guys seen this video yet? It’s the one of the bully getting a taste of his own medicine.

I’m interested to hear what you all think. Obviously the bully got what was coming to him, but from a christian perspective I’m not entirely sure Casey did the right thing.
I know what my mom would say. She would have no problem jumping in Casey’s corner. And honestly neither do I… If the alternative corner is the bully.

But what about “turn the other cheek”? Isn’t this exactly the event that Jesus talked about? Weren’t his instructions clear enough?
There’s plenty about this video that makes me cheer for Casey. I was picked on a bit growing up, and while nobody ever actually hit me, I can relate to the feeling and I feel a sense of solidarity with him. I love that he clearly did nothing to provoke it, I love that he calmly walked away after as the kid stumbled up, I even love that the video clearly showed how the other kids were part of the problem standing by and letting bullying happen (even filming it).
Still there’s something here that makes me cringe.
What say you?

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