A Fear of Whales

…Even go to Africa and help the pygmies!
It turns out I’m going to go do just that.
I don’t know why every person trying to bargain with God for their lives in a movie makes that offer, it makes no sense to me, and when I became a believer no such deal was made, but nonetheless when an opportunity arose to help hurting people on the other side of the globe I felt compelled to contribute. And I’ve just received word back that indeed, I have been placed on a team to go into southern Africa and help at an orphanage in inner-city Johannesburg, and a school in Swaziland
. My secular friends think it’s about time, they wondered why Jesus hasn’t made me go to Africa sooner, but I’m still kind of floored by the idea. “Pygmies” are not actually part of the trip, the modern problems in Africa are now a lot closer to home. 80% of the children in this orphanage are HIV positive and many of them will die of their illnesses because of the intense poverty in the area.
We are sending doctors, and theologians and even accountants for their specialized skills. Why am I going?
I still don’t know.
I’m a computer technician…
…And a trained Improv Comedian.
I have no idea what Aids Orphans need with my Linux Certification, but God is faithful… And I’ll keep you posted
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